Wow, what a month, our new appointments have gone down a storm. Now we have more help in lots of areas, for the day to day running of your trust.
Andrew, Steve and Roby put themselves forward to help in this open, honest and democratic trust, your trust.
This trust is not for waiving in any direction, because some people don’t like what, who, when, why, we are here, our aim is, as always to find us a home. This is the job you as trust members have entrusted us to do.
I’ve spoken to friends in the speedway community, who have commented, that they felt they were not wanted on this trust. All we ask for, if you’re thinking of joining your trust board, is to believe in our aims, then commit and be part of a committee.
It really doesn’t matter who you are, if you have a belief and it happens to be like ours then come along and be part of it.
The commitment we ask for is for your attendance at the committee meeting, held once a month. We generate new ideas, we talk, we discuss, we plan, but we also have a laugh, we have to and that makes us stronger.
Only a month in and the new guys have got straight in to it.
One idea, which we are putting in to practice, 2017 individual speedway Grand Prix’s ON TOUR. The idea is, to take the World Famous trust table round the local area.
Going in to local venues, selling the trust, to fans who don’t come to speedway meetings anymore or think that we don’t ride anymore, believe me there are so many too. But, at the same time be showing the GPs, which is on BT sport this year and we will be hiring a room out, where you can come and watch the GPs, with speedway fans alike and have a drink in comfort and some venues will have food available, so watch this space, for coming dates and venues. We are promoting your trust!!! 
More details to follow and hopefully coming to a pub near you.
This is only my second blog and my aim is to inform you of anything that I think will be of interest to the trust and its members.
Social media 
I love it, it’s good, its bad and sometimes it's ugly.
A post on social media, recently, was referring to a piece of land in Lye, costing 3million, someone said “buy it “. Firstly the trust doesn't have that type of money, we only just have 300 members approximately so that’s about £10,000 EACH! I take it we all have this money stuffed under our beds. So If you are not a member of this trust, get in touch, show us your passion, it’s your trust, because without you we don’t have one ...
The more people behind The Trust, the better and bigger we become.
Not all land is suitable for speedway this was just an example. 
There's no rich businessman either or we would be there now.
The evening with Alan and Andy Grahame was a great night.
It was at the Netherton Conservative club DY2 0PJ .
The Members and some new ones, that attended, had a great laugh, with some great stories from Alan, Andy and with Andrew Hale, as our New Chairman, who did an awesome job in comparing. Sorry Andrew, but that’s two jobs you hav
e now.
Can I say on behalf of the Board Members THANKS GUYS.
We all enjoyed it and feedback from trust members, they did too.