​All the trust members would like to say a great big thank you, for all your support during last year and hope to recieve your continuous support for the forthcoming exciting year. 
Following the Heathens Trust AGM on the 9th February 2017 and the first Trust Board Meeting, Mark Robinson posted  the following changes: 

  Hello Heathens Speedway Supporters Trust  Members .

Well we made it  , we are in our second year, onwards and upwards .We have learnt a lot in our first year and like any business, it can be a very steep learning curve specially  has nobody is on the pay roll. We are all after the same  belief,  which is to Bring Heathens Home.  

After our AGM we settled down to our first board meeting of the year  on 7th March and welcomed some new Trust Board members and got straight down to organising roles and jobs for the next coming year.
Firstly I, Mark Robinson, will be continuing with the roles of last year which were Easy Funding ,mobile phones ,ink cartridges.

 Coach Travel: we will be looking at running trips, if there is interest and running to Cardiff, sign up and start paying now,  it’s as simple as that .Prices and details will follow very soon.   My new role is Media , yes I know this sounds crazy and it is, just putting two words together, it seems I  aggravate lots of people .My work will be re-read and edited so you all can understand  me.

Welcome back, Anthony Boyd who is continuing with the role of events, with two of our new board members , they are Roby Knowles  and Steve Newman, a great big warm welcome and we hope you enjoy being part of the Heathens Trust, its hard at times but the rewards are even better .
The guys have already been working hard at booking in events, to spread the word and as soon as dates are confirmed, in the near future, we will be placing diary dates,for the year on facebook and our web page .

Welcome back to Neil Saunders, who is taking the role of Secretary ,Thank you .

A continued welcome to Karen Woodhall, who is taking role of Treasurer,  Thank you, we have ordered  the abacus!!!

Vice chairperson is Paul Tromans,Thank you

Members we need you!!!!!
The more of you sign up.
 The more people access easy funding .
The more people can donate via a standing order .
The more people join in our events, the more voices are heard and people will take note and we are not going away.
We then become a big and more forceful Trust for other organisations, to take notice of, banks to listen to us and get our planning applications approved.
The BIGGER we are the better and quicker we make our dream a reality. So what are you waiting for !

Land : For those who were at the AGM ,you were told that we have several pieces of land, that are been looked at, with our planning consultancy company PJ Planning From Stourbridge .
Now since then, we have had feedback from our Traffic Inspector and we can say all systems are go go go,on to the next meeting with them.

Finally ,last, but not least our new Chairman .
He is passionate about speedway
He is passionate about Cradley Heathens
He is passionate about bringing the HEATHENS home .
Some of you will know of him 
Some of you will like him
Some of you may not like him
He’s promised to behave and be a chairman
I give you the chairman of the HEATHENS SPEEDWAY SUPPORTERS  TRUST  and still the only one in speedway.

Andrew Hale .

Our Passion is about you believing in something  ,we in this trust do and we hope you do too .Please get behind us and make this happen