Terms and Conditions - Coach Travel - HSST

All Coach Travel Bookings are subject to our Terms and Conditions, by booking a seat you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.
STRICTLY NO ALCOHOL on ANY coach - This is actually illegal and will not be tolerated.
Behaviour - We ask all Supporters travelling on the coach to behave in a reasonable manor, showing respect to fellow travelers, we will not tolerate any behaviour deemed irresponsible, aggressive or disrespectful. Any such behavior will invalidate your travel and future travel.
No Parking on the Liberal Club for coach travel.
Full Payment within 10 Days prior to the meeting of coach travel.
All money is non-refundable, but should the meeting be postponed or cancelled the payment can be used towards future coach travel. However, should there be insufficient interest for coach travel and the coach is cancelled there will be a full refund.
Non- Members fee - All coach travel for non-members will be £3 more than members, however £3 can be refunded if the non-member join the trust prior to the meeting or on the day of the meeting.
The stewards word is final.
Also please remember we are collecting Old Mobile Phones, loose change (including foreign currency) and used ink cartridges. Bring them along when you travel, Buckets will be available on Coaches.