• Entry is £12, this can be paid by bank transfer, ask for bank details, once we are in receipt of your payment you can make your selection. 
• Each person will pick 1 rider from the 16 competing in each round of the series, (this also includes the wild card if you wish), BUT… you can only pick a rider once throughout the series, this is to stop someone picking Hancock or Zmarzlik every time, so pick wisely.
•  You have until 12 noon the day of the GP to make your pick, or 12 midnight the night before the Australian round, If a rider for any reason pulls out of the GP at the last minute, then (and you have chosen that rider) then you have until 5:55pm to change that rider, if not then you will be automatically given the replacement rider (reserve) & their points. If you pick a rider early in the week & he gets injured, you still have until 12 noon to amend you selection. 
•  As for point scoring, the riders points on the night will be what you score, but if your choice wins that specific G.P you will get
10 bonus points added to your score,  e.g if you pick Pawlicki & he scores 14 on the night & wins that gp you will score 24, if your rider finishes 2nd you will get +7, 3rd will get +5 & 4th will get +3, .
• The winner will be the person with the most points at the end of the G.P series , prize money will be paid to the top 3, in the event of a tied position then the amount of actual GP winners a participant has picked will be taken into account.
• The prize money will be a guaranteed  £100 first prize, £50 second £25 third,  

Bank Transfer details: 
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Account Number: 65782253
Reference:- Fantasy....( then a number you will be given when you join)

To make your selection, just post it on the group wall & it will be 'liked' by an admin to indicate it has been noted, the same goes if you want to amend your selection.